We are ready for Las Vegas

Last night I finished the final steps needed to get the bike ready for Las Vegas, Round 2 of the WERA West Series. For CalSpeed we ran a new Cylinder (Stock) because the older cylinder’s coating was beginning to break up. That old cylinder is off the to the plater’s. Anyway, it seems new cylinders … [Read more…]

Off the track seminar… done

Yesterday we spent a few hours at the Ken Hill off the track seminar. This is the second time Anthony has attended a class seminar instructed by Ken and he learned a lot. We learned a bunch, but the three things that come to mind now are breaking the corners into types, the concept of … [Read more…]

A Tale of Two Helmets

About 9 years ago, when Anthony still could not ride two-wheels, we took this shot of him wearing my helmet. The other day, Alexi did the same thing, but this time with Anthony’s latest Suomy helmet, which weighs half of what mine did back then. I suppose that’s about right, since she’s half of Anthony’s … [Read more…]