It’s since been a long time since Anthony began riding motorcycles. You could say he’s been riding for more than half of his life, and he’s only 14 years old.

Most American kids were introduced to motorcycles by way of dirt bikes, but Anthony’s first motorcycle was an Electric Nicky Hayden RC51-replica PocketBike.

That was the start of Anthony’s adventure and the beginning of an amazing journey. (check out his early years)

Anthony spent a few years in PocketBikes. He struggled in the very beginning, but progressed through the ranks and eventually became one of the fastest PocketBike kids in the West Coast. He’d often compete aboard his 4.2hp PocketBike against kids on 8hp and adults on 12hp.

Very early on, the goal was always to best the fastest he could be aboard his the equipment he had. And in motorcycling, the rider makes a bigger difference than the equipment.

Anthony rode his final PocketBike race not very long ago, in early 2009. He won the Polini Cup Junior Class.

While still on PocketBikes, Anthony began to learn gear shifting aboard an NSR. Anthony’s 9th birthday present was a 2004 NSR 50R.

Always looking to be the fastest with the equipment he had, the NSR remained Stock. But we’d race it against various machines; from mildly-modified XR120s, to highly-modified 110s and Metrakits.

It took a while, but by 2009 he could race the NSR 50R up-front against much faster bikes and sometimes beat them.

2009 brought many other changes. A second NSR joined the team. But this time the NSR was bored out to 65cc. Anthony raced the NSR 65R in the 65cc, 85cc/92cc and 150cc classes.

This bike proved to be very tricky to tune, which in turn made it very difficult to ride.

However, we figured out the bike by the end of the year and it has since proven to be very reliable and a great training tool.

One of the disadvantages of small-wheel bikes is their instability. This means they are very nervous through corners. However, we’ve used this to teach Anthony how to control front-wheel tucks. It has translated very well to the RS125.

In 2010, we decided to focus 100% on the RS125. Anthony’s first track day was at Thunderhill in November of 2009.

We had many concerns. Will Anthony be able to handle the power of a 125cc GP bike? Will he be able to ride is safely? Will the bike scare him?

All of the concerns proved unfounded. Anthony flew around the track and on his first time ever on the RS125, at Thunderhill, he lapped in the 2:06 range.

While his first track day had been very successful and showed a lot of promise, his lap times needed to improve if he wanted to run at the sharp-end of races.

We scheduled 15 trackdays to get Anthony prepared for the racing season. The plan was to practice as much as possible, so that in his first race, he’d be competitive.

By the fifth visit to Thunderhill Anthony and the RS125 had began to click. And his lap times proved it as he lapped in the 1:58 range; faster than 2009’s USGPRU race winner.

By 2011 Anthony was racing the WERA West Championship full-time. In his first season he came second in the Moto3 Championship. He won two races, the Miller WERA National and the final race of the season in Las Vegas.

In 2012 Anthony again competed full-time in the WERA West Championship and with one year of experience under his belt he was able to win the Moto3 and Formula 2 Expert Championships. In addition, Anthony raced at the final two rounds of the British Superbike Championship, at Silverstone and Brands Hatch. Anthony did well at both races and finished on the podium at Silverstone and 1oth at Brands Hatch.

2013 will be the most exciting year yet, as he’ll compete in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. In the Rookies Cup he’ll be traveling to the best tracks in world and he’ll be racing amongst his MotoGP heroes.

Certainly, Anthony’s ability on the bike has not kept him from being a 14-year-old child.

He’s fascinated by Transformers (2008 was Spiderman), he loves his baby sister and his sister loves him (she calls him Nini) and loves to battle in a race.

If you’re ever at the track, don’t hesitate to come by and say hi. He loves to talk… about Transformers, so beware.