Back from Las Vegas…

We are back from Las Vegas. It was a good and tough weekend. In fact, until Friday, it was one of the toughest weekends we’ve ever had. Anthony had two low-sides during Friday’s trackday, the most he’s ever had in one-single-day.

The bike was “ok”, though pretty rashed and with broken pegs, but we were mainly worried about Anthony. The idea was to use the race for preparation for Spain, but it was turning into a nightmare.

Anthony recovered pretty well on the final sessions of the trackday and he got ready for Sunday.

The first race on Sunday was the 125GP race. He and his main competition had a great race for the win. Anthony fought well and was able to take the checker flag in first place.

The second race, the Formula 2 race, was a little tougher. He had to contend against modified SV650s and RS450s. Anthony did his best, but all he could do was 4th.

We’re very excited about Spain and the Rookies Cup Tryouts coming soon. He cannot wait.

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