Fast Laps and Bent Wheels

Thanks to Chris from CT Racing, Anthony was able to take part in Saturday’s trackday at Thunderhill. The day went really well. We focused 100% on testing suspension changes.

On the first session Anthony was able to go really well, and once we got our base setting, we began to work on the front-end.

On the second session after lunch, Anthony had a small incident with a fellow rider. It seems the rider ran a little wide on the exit of T8 and it caused Anthony off the track. It was a trackday incident and this stuff “can” happen. No blame, just an accident.

The miracle is Anthony managed to control the bike and not crash. He has a lot more detail about it and I’ll let him share it with you, but from his description, it was pretty scary.

We dropped off the wheels (yes, both were bent, but the front suffered the most) at GP Frame and Wheel and knowing Gerry we know we’ll get them back straight.



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