Fun and cool weekend at Thunderhill

We had one of the most enjoyable and cool weekends we’ve had in a long time at Thunderhill. Friday was the hottest, reaching high 90s, but on Saturday and Sunday we only saw mid 80s and low 90s.

Our plan for the weekend was to break-in the new motor and to try out the new Pirelli Diablo Superbike Moto3 SC0 (softest) rear tires. Friday was a tough day for us because we had problems finding a rhythm. By the end of the day we could only get into the low 1:59s.

On Friday afternoon Anthony and I took the top-end apart and inspected it. All looked good and we put it back together.

Saturday was very cool and since the track temperature was not high-enough, Jeff (from Pirellli) and I decided to tryout the SC0s Sunday, if there was enough time. In the afternoon we did a complete top-end, including a new piston, piston ring, etc and got the bike ready for Sunday.

Sunday morning there was only one practice session and we spent it breaking-in the new piston.

Anthony was in races #1, #8 and #9, Formula 2, Formula Pacific and Formula 3 respectively. The great guys at CT racing set Anthony up with a new rear Pirelli Diablo Superbike SC2 tire for this race. Anthony, aboard his 125GP bike, was 4th into T1 against the other 250GP bikes. Anthony did his best to stay close and by T15 he managed to take the lead. He focused on opening a gap and managed to take the victory with an 8-second margin.

The next race, Formula Pacific was until after lunch. For this race the folks at CT racing installed new Pirelli Diablo Superbike Moto3 SC1 front and SC1 rear tires. There is absolutely no way Anthony can ever win this race. For us, it’s most important to get clean laps. For this reason I have told Anthony that if he ever gets into too-tough-of-a-fight, to back off, let them go and then work on laptimes. Our intention for that race is only that, clean laps. Anthony was gridded 13th out of 20 riders. He got a really good start, though he was still last into T1 against the various 600s and 1000s in the class (still aboard his 125GP bike). He got into a good battle with three other riders but he was not able to get away from them as they were all running similar laptimes. I was happy to see him not get frustrated and let them go and focus on clean laps, like we had talked about.

Our final race of the weekend was Formula 3. Anthony got a great start and matched his fastest laps of the weekend, high 1:57s. He took the victory with a 28-second margin and lapped all the way until 9th place in the 250 production race.

It was great to share our weekend with Budman and his friend Danny, Jeff and his grandson, Rob from MotoGloss, Alan and Beth from SaferMoto and Gerry from GP Frame and Wheel, all the guys at CT racing who are simply the best and the entire AFM staff and paddock.

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