Marco! Marco! Marco!

We met Marco Simoncelli in July of 2010 when he came to the D-Store in San Francisco as a promotional appearance for the USGP Race at Laguna Seca. We began to take notice of Marco, or SicWitIt as Anthony called him, when he was in the 250GP class. He was aggressive and courageous, something we always admired in a rider.

I remember, in 2009, when he rode at Imola on the RSV, thinking he’d give the MotoGP guys a headache when he arrived.

Then in 2010, when he made his debut, I remember him getting his bell rung at a Sepang test and Rossi saying that he needed “to be more quiet on the bike”. That year was tough for us, always having been Rossi fans, but Marco brought us hope.

This year, from a Rossi-fan point of view, has been terrible, but lucky for us, Marco was always there to bring us joy. I remember thinking that once Rossi retired, we’d have Marco to cheer for. Sure, Marco’s riding was not as “refined” as Rossi’s, but they shared  charisma and bravado… he was definitely not a rider you wanted behind you on the last lap. He made racing exciting.

During that meeting, Anthony asked Marco “how do you fit all of your hair in your helmet?”. Marco responded, “it’s easier when it’s wet…”

That was the closest we ever got to Marco. This year, the D-Store held no such event and at the track we never got lucky enough to see him not surrounded by others.

As you can see, we never “really” knew him, yet somehow, we’re going to miss him a lot.

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